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What we do and why we do it?

Market Strategy

  • Market review and research

  • Bringing deep market knowledge and competitive market conditions to the table

  • We work with you  to evaluate the best strategic options and to design the best workable solutions process for success

 Restructuring & operational efficiency

  • Drive commercial and sales strategy development and processes

  • Creativity in marketing and digital marketing strategy development

  • Continuous evolution in product portfolio management

Target new opportunites & "hunt" for clients

  • Identification of new foreign clients/distributors in existing markets

  • Identification of new clients/distributors in new foreign markets

  • Identification of new high level strategic partners.

Sales & commercial mentoring

  • Internal mentoring and support of commercial sales activities and follow up.

  • External »on site« commercial sales support with new clients overseas

  • Support on all international activities particularly trade shows and key meetings

It's very simple.


We offer practical, workable and cost efficient solutions.

We advise clients how to expand and grow their long term international business. 

We do this by delivering a simple, yet highly effective multi-stage system of »Best Practice« line system.


We bring you that additional »head space«.

Proven operational expertise, real international market knowledge together with a fresh, external, non-polluted and updated global birds-eye view of your business.


Senior management understands the need for additional support and head space. 

To drive the business forward but where time and adequate resources are in short supply or where management doesn't know who to turn to achieve these objectives.


This is where Coffee Cup Consulting can come in and help you.


Why you ask?

  • We’ve been at the very heart of international operational business systems 

  • We have experienced and managed the complexities and problems of global business

  • More importantly we have been able to overcome any problems by asking clever questions 

  • We are able to identify and grab great opportunities 

  • We bring to you that experience



Two or even three heads is always better than one.

We live and breathe for international progress and growth.

It's in our DNA.

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