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Strength in numbers
Coffee Cup Consulting d.o.o. is a newly created advisory company that guides and assists you to conquer new international markets in a logical, controlled and effective way so that you can grow your sales, control expenditure and increase your profit margins.
With over 60 years of combined operational and strategic international business experience, Coffee Cup Consulting, with offices in Ljubljana, was created by 2 British guys living and working in Slovenia for 20 years. Our aim is to deliver you a clear, simple yet highly effective multi-stage process of "best practice" line system linked to a strategic plan to significantly catapult your International business growth.
Together, we clearly identify the strategic issues, we then plan these in detail, we professionally implement these organisational changes so that your company can achieve real gains in terms of new clients, optimised distribution, higher profits and margins, tighter financial controls and last but not least, to move the complete company and team to the next stage of international export and development growth.
We firmly believe that business success can only start with senior leadership and management taking the lead and nurturing that something good and positive will happen. We want to be part of that success story in knowing that we all contributed to the positive development of the company, employee’s personal ambitions and the economy.
Working as a closely knit national team to conquer new international markets far and wide!
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