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What services do we offer?


Research, filtering and selection of distributors, importers, sales agents, end-users BUT also suppliers. Distribution expertise

Finding distributors, importers or agents, new suppliers or final customers:

Selecting the overseas partner who is right for you, is a crucial element when it comes to market penetration, marketing of your products or services and to guarantee a stable, well-managed presence overseas. The search for this key player in your organisation can be, and usually is a tedious, drawn out process.

At Coffee Cup Consulting, our mission is to take on this burden, it is our job to find the ideal partner for you, be it a distributor or agent, end customer, etc. We provide a short-list of candidates from which you select the most suitable to your needs.

Managing and Outsourcing your Export Department

For those companies with limited human resources and international experience, but who well understand the need to expand overseas and to diversify risks, we can act as your export department.


Initial meetings establish priority markets, customer profile and your goals in each country. We become your export department! Using the predefined goals, we approach target markets and customers, negotiate on your behalf, close deals and fulfil all those tasks inherent to the post.


Market Intelligence 

How to choose a market? Which markets should you be concentrating on based on your profile and requirements?

In a few days, we will present you a number of alternatives and provide you with all the arguments that led us to our conclusions and the information, statistics and numbers that we used in our decision making process.

Screened contact information: potential distributors, importers or agents and suppliers in accordance with the previously defined profiles.

Bespoke market studies and research designed to meet your requirements.

Standard market studies: define your target countries and industries and we can provide you with published statistics. Very often this information can be obtained free of charge.

Business Consultancy

As very experienced experts in international markets, we can advise you on all facets of your international business, from initial meetings to establish a global strategy all the way down to policies for individual markets, negotiations, administrative formalities, recruitment, etc.


This assessment may also include advice during procedures to secure grants and subsidies, translation of legal documents, etc.

Marketing and Sales . Creating hard hitting and effective mailings, sales brochures and catalogues

Sales Strategy Consulting

Sales planning and structure

Digital & social platforms, inbound marketing and classical marketing

Control and commission of the sales force

Setting up and implementing CRM. Intrix, Salesforce…….

Product positioning in the market place

Generating sales leads and opportunities

Managing the funnel and pipe line lead generation

Sales presentation

Customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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