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Andy Hunt Vodopivec
Director and co-owner
Tel: + 386 (0)51 302 502
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Rob Howland
Director and co-owner
Tel: + 386 (0)31 626 279

I am a British national and have lived in Slovenia since 1997. I am married to Barbara, a Slovenia from Celje, have 2 children, a boy of 14 and a girl of 12. I was born in Paris and went to school in France till I was 9 years old. I  then attended boarding school in Norfolk in the UK.

I studied Business Management at South Bank University London and gained a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A, 2.1). I then went on to do a Masters in Export and Finance at Brunel University in the UK.

I speak both English and French and some Slovene, depending on who you ask!

A few words: Why the challenge?

In an ever competitive, fast and reactive global economy, the complexities of international business are inherent for all to see. At this very moment, it is therefore a real strategic challenge and priority to understand, plan and access new export markets and push for international development. Slovenia, the Balkans and historic safe markets such as Germany and Austria are no longer a guarantee of business sustainability. It is imperative to plan and invest now for the future when times are relatively good and global trade agreements still hold true. However change in the rules and positioning could be fast and brutal. Our profession and line of business is to assist, guide and support you in confronting these important challenges with the aim of growing your business at all levels and adding real long term value so that your company can be standing and proud in the next 5 to 10 years to come.”

Andy Hunt Vodopivec. Owner. Coffee Cup Consulting.

As a British national having lived in Slovenia since 2004, I consider here as home. It is where my (Slovenian) wife and I chose to raise our family – a decision that really wasn’t difficult to make, either!

Before arriving here, I had already had a long career in sales, marketing and management positions with several international companies, including some world-leaders. As a degree-qualified Mechanical Engineer, I spent much of this time in the field of control and instrumentation for both industry and research. Since coming to Slovenia, I have had the opportunity to work in various positions for Slovenian companies, focused on their international sales and marketing.

A few words: Why the challenge?

“I have always looked to why businesses succeed, and why these reasons are different between countries and regions – and this learning never stops. This helps when considering which foreign markets a business should target – and how it should approach these markets.

In terms of technology, quality, innovation and design, Slovenia and Slovenian companies can be potential world-beaters. Our passion is to help that happen – by adding a touch of international experience, fresh insight or perspective, guidance on how to brand and position your company, and even rolling up our sleeves and helping you on the front line with sales.”

Rob Howland. Owner. Coffee Cup Consulting



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